Julie Skinner


Julie has been the secretary of ACSA for the last 3 years, drawn to ACSA after many years in her own business Core True- offering clinical supervision to eager clients. In 2021 she is stepping into the President role.


As well as an experienced clinical supervisor she also facilitates, coaches, and mentors. Her background is mental health nursing (many, many years ago), so long ago the original training was hospital based.


Julie is passionate about fostering sustainable self-care in the lives of her clients and this fueled her desire to write a book that was published in 2015 ‘Nursing by Heart’. She was, and remains inspired by the many health professionals she has worked with over the last 30 years who care deeply for others, yet struggle to care for themselves.


She has also implemented and managed several programs in the health setting both in leadership development and reflective practice. Julie believes whilst self-discovery is challenging it can also be fun.


Julie is also part of The Global Coaching Academy team, supporting students through a Diploma as a tutor, mentor, coach, coaching supervisor and facilitator.


Julie loves all kinds of discovery, whether exploring the natural world with her partner on the back of a big Harley, gardening, or herself.  She is most proud of her spinach, kale and herbs as once established they just keep on producing. She grew blueberries for the first time this year and collecting a handful each day is a joy.