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Scroll this page to discover supervision related literature, books, online resources and training. This is merely a list of some of the available supervision related resources, and ACSA does not endorse or recommend any particular one. If you would like to recommend an item to be added to this page, please email our Webmaster.

Supervision Literature

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Supervision Books


Bernard J.M. & Goodyear R.K. (2014) Fundamentals of Clinical Supervision (5th Edition) 


Pearson Bird J (2006) Constructing the Narrative in Super-vision, Edge Press 


Bond M & Holland S (2011) Skills of Clinical Supervision for Nurses: A Guide for Supervisees, Clinical Supervisors and Managers (2nd Edition), Open University Press 


Carroll M (2014) Effective Supervision for the Helping Professions (2nd Edition), SAGE Publications 


Carroll M (2012) Ethical Maturity in the Helping Professions: Making difficult life and work decisions, Psychoz Publications 


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Henderson P, Holloway J & Millar A. (2014) Practical Supervision, Jessica Kingsley 


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Morrell M (2014) Towards Gold-Standard Supervision: A Guide for Supervisors, Vibrant Training 


Morrell M (2013) You Deserve Good Supervision! A Guide for Supervisees, Vibrant Training 


Shohet R (2011) Supervision as Transformation, Jessica Kingsley

Thomas F (2013) Solution-Focused Supervision, SAGE Publications 


Wade J & Jones J (2015) Strengths-Based Clinical Supervision, Springer 

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