Dr. Finbar Hopkins

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Finbar is a mental health nurse, and nurse academic with over 30 years’ experience teaching across a range of education settings. Finbar has a private practice in clinical supervision specialising mainly in groups. Finbar works part time as a Wellbeing Consultant at Royal Melbourne Hospital and this work informs her understanding of compassion fatigue, burnout, psychological first aid and moral distress. Prior to that, Finbar was employed at the University of Melbourne developing training in clinical supervision workshops across the State and nationally for a range of health professionals to train as Supervisors. Finbar’s model of practice is based on the premise that none of us learn from experience alone rather it is reflection on the experience that teaches us. Finbar’s work is guided by reflective supervision that provides a safe supportive learning space for the clinician to make sense of their own emotional responses and reactions to the content of their work. She draws on a r

 Dr. Finbar  Hopkins

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Session Formats Offered

Face to Face, and online

Finbar has a background in Women’s Health and midwifery. She completed training in Infant Observation and completed Foundation Course in Child Development, at the Centre for Child & Family Development, Melbourne. Finbar has also completed training in Role Development Clinical Supervision. Finbar holds degrees from both Melbourne University in Women’s Health and a Doctorate from Monash University. When undertaking her doctoral research she explored development of the mother -infant relationship through maternal representations. She also has qualifications in nursing, mental health, and midwifery. She is a member of the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses Special Interest Group for Psychotherapy. Finbar is a member of a Balint Group.


Individual session $140, groups to be negotiated