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I work in the mental health field and have a private practice providing clinical supervision. I have been fortunate to achieve many insights from the generous sharing of wisdom by colleagues, clients, consumers and friends. I have constantly sought to learn from others and their writings as well as through exploring my own thoughts, feelings and reactions to life experiences. My interests over the years have included Yoga, Aikido, ballroom dancing, sailing and Marine Rescue training and volunteering. Marine Rescue NSW is staff by volunteers and provides support and emergency response to people on boats in distress along the NSW coast and waterways. I volunteer as crew on the boats and in the radio room at the State Communication Centre. In recent years I have been involved in psychodrama. My qualifications include Registered Nurse, Credentialed Mental Health Nurse, Bachelor of Business (Management), Master of Health Administration, as well as formal training in the Clinical Supervisor

Astrid King

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Face to Face, telephone or internet

B.Bus (Mgt) MHA, RN, Credentialed Mental Health Nurse






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